Short Film Day

21st of Dicember
Contemporary short film program for Italian cinemas and Italian Embassies & Culture Institutes aboard

December 21st is the shortest day of the year,  short films are celebrated all over the world with screenings in cinemas, events and festivals. The Italian Short Film Center provides Italian cinemas and Italian diplomatic representations abroad with a program of recent Italian shorts that aims to be an overview of contemporary production, through films of various genres from the most important international festivals. Short Film Day is an opportunity to discover the short film format, also – and above all – for those who do not attend festivals, the main scene for the diffusion of the shorts.

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Festivals, institutions or other non-Italian subjects interested in these short films are requested to apply only if their planning is foreseen in the context of a collaboration with Italian diplomatic representations.

Magic Alps, Andrea Brusa & Marco Scotuzzi
2018 – 15′ – fiction

The official of a Refugee Center must handle the asylum request of an Afghan refugee who arrived in Italy with a goat. Based on a true story.

Il tratto, Alessandro Stevanon
2017 – 15′ – fiction

Federico is an eleven years old child who lives in a small town in northern Italy. Silent and thoughtful, he is invisible for his companions and for his parents. The meeting with an old Senegalese artist will help Federico discover his talent and learn to see others for what they are: people with their own story made of silent details, which can only be told by those who can look. A modern fairy tale about friendship, about the details that make everyone unique, about knowing how to observe and tell people for what they are: stories.

Malamenti, Francesco Di Leva
2017 – 13′ – animation

Ciccio O ‘Pazz and Ciruzzo Pesce bello are two bloody characters of criminal power. The legacy left to them was of the same violent nature, born and raised in a path of prevarication over the weakest. But there are other enemies in this climate of domination between miserable, seemingly harmless enemies that both evaluates as possible usurpers of their power. This is Severino the donkey, the famous chief of the donkeys in Campu Perdu, and Piero il Cinghiale, head of the Boar on the land of Campo d’oliva. The showdown is near. The two men must get rid of the presence of the two animals.

Lobster dinner, Gregorio Franchetti
2017 – 14′ – fiction

Left home alone one evening, a 12-year-old boy steals some live lobsters from his parents’ fridge and takes them as a gift to the single working-class mother of his school friend, only to claim in their house a place that goes well beyond that of a dinner seat. Entirely set during a mundane school-day evening in Rome, Lobster Dinner is about the journey of misunderstandings, betrayals and awakenings of two boys from different social classes suddenly caught at odds in their respective quests for manhood.

Framed, Marco Jemolo
2017 – 7′ – animation

Fk, the main character, is a little man made of plasticine, normally used to make entertainment films. But he has a profound soul and a strong critical spirit: he rebels against his condition. In an interrogation room in an anonymous police district, Fk came to look for the freedom that every living being needs: that of choosing one’s own destiny.

A friend in me, Gianluca Manzetti
2017 – 10′ – fiction

In a “social” world in which everyone wants to be protagonist, there are those who share posts, those who pose themselves waiting to become immortal through their digital representation, and who, like the main character of this story, risks the real life distracted from what would seem his dearest friend … the smartphone.

Mon amour mon ami, Adriano Valerio
2017 – 16′ – documentary

Daniela and Fouad live in Gubbio, but they both come from the sea, Bari her, Casablanca him. They met by chance, united by a difficult and unconventional life, which left an indelible mark. A deep and healing friendship was born, taking care of each other. Now that Fouad needs a residence permit, a marriage seems the simplest solution. Daniela agrees. But one step away from the wedding, the ambiguity of his feelings begins to disturb her. Can you pretend to marry someone who really loves you?

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